Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Hair!

Everyone wants beautiful hair, especially women. It is something that most females strive to fulfill every day. Maintaining a healthy hair routine is not always easy but it can be done in simple steps. In this article I am going to give you tips for healthy, beautiful hair. 

Although hair care products can be expensive, it is important that you are purchasing the products that are going to be the best for your hair. The cheapest ones are usually not beneficial to your hair health, so it is important to stay away from those. The same goes for the products that smell of flowers and perfume scents. If you cannot afford more expensive hair products with healthy ingredients, it’s better not to invest in any at all. If you follow my tips below you will be on your way to promoting a healthier scalp which results in stronger, more vibrant hair!

Check Your Shampoo and Conditioner

When you go to the grocery store or a beauty salon, there is an overwhelming amount of choices to choose from between shampoo and conditioner. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, make sure you consult with an employee and tell them a little more history about your hair type and what you are needing. This way they can help you find the appropriate products that will match your hair type. For example, if you have really dry and brittle hair, the best shampoo and conditioning products to use are ones that are creamier in consistency and contain ingredients that help moisturize hair strands.

Make sure that you are cautious of the ingredients that are in each. You should always avoid products that contain harsh chemicals. Stay away from the shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. These chemicals are detrimental to your hair health and will cause extreme damage. Here are more healthy hair essentials to pair with shampoo and conditioner that are important for hair growth.

Avoid Using Heat

I know that this is typically easier said than done, considering many women use heat on their hair every single day. But, trust me, if you limit the amount of days you use heat on your hair, it will truly benefit.

Instead of curling or straightening your hair each day of the week, try wearing it natural a few of the days to mix it up. These heat devices strip away the moisture from the hair which causes them to become dry and brittle. Eventually the hair will break at the ends and will look “fried”. 

Another heating device to try and avoid is a hair dryer. Instead of showering in the morning, do it at night. This way your hair can air dry and you will not have to use heat to style it. If you refuse to shower in the evening, wake up an hour earlier in the morning to allow some extra time for your hair to air dry before fixing it to start the day. 

Consume Foods with Protein 

Eating foods that are rich in protein is a necessity for positive hair health. Since the human hair is made up of protein, it is essential that you are consuming this nutrient to make sure your body has enough to provide to your hair. Foods that are rich in protein include nuts, eggs, vegetables, meats, and fish. If you find it difficult to incorporate these foods into your diet, try taking a multivitamin. This way you are guaranteed that your body is getting the appropriate amount of proteins so that both your hair can remain healthy.

Lose the Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic hair ties are one of the worst hair ties that you can use to pull back your hair. These elastic bands cause serious breakage because of how tight they are wrapped around the hair strands for a given period of time. Although they are cheap and convenient, you want to stray away from using them whenever you can. Instead, use the scrunchies that were popular back in the 90’s and early 2000’s that are making a major comeback today! These loosely fitting hair ties are just what your hair needs to remain healthy if you want to pull it up in a ponytail or bun.

Use Essential Oils

Incorporate essential oils into your hair care routine to encourage growth and health. The best essentials oils for hair growth are peppermint, coconut, lemongrass, and lavender. All of these oils contain certain properties in the oils that encourages healthy hair. You can also use these essential oils to make hair masks at home that you leave in your hair for 20-minutes at a time. The best hair mask you can use with essential oils is by mixing coconut and peppermint oil.

These tips should be just what you need in order to keep your hair at its healthiest stage. They aren’t hard to follow; you just need to be aware of what can potentially cause damage to your hair. As long as you know what to look for and know what to avoid, your hair will be thriving in no time!