Tips to Find Cosmetics (and More) That are Perfect For You

Picture the scene. You’re in a department store, and test some lipstick on the back of your hand. You haven’t got much time, it looks nice enough, so you make an impulse purchase. It’s only when you get
it home that you realise it’s not your colour at all.

This is a frustrating, yet common experience. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure
you discover exactly the right beauty products for you, without wasting money on the wrong thing.

Here’s a run-though of some useful tips.

Finding the Right Cosmetics and More

Get tech happy. There are some amazing apps out there, which scan your face, then tell you what shades suit your skin tone. Others let you ‘test out’ looks on a photograph of yourself. It’s a great way
to experiment with colour, minus any sort of financial risk. Look out for apps that let you try out different hair colours too.

Invest in ‘low risk’ cosmetics. Some make-up is riskier to buy than others. For example,
eyeshadow palettes are usually designed for a few different skin tones, and won’t suit anyone whose natural skin colour lies outside this. However, other items are pretty much risk-free. For example, natural-looking false eyelashes suit everyone, and they create real impact too. Likewise, brown pencil eyeliner works well for most eye-colours and skin shades.

Have a consultation. When you book a beauty consultation in a department store, you’ll
inevitably be given the sales spiel. After all, that’s what the beauty consultants are paid to do! That
aside, it’s a valuable opportunity to test out a completely different look, minus any expense. Just make sure you remain firm at the end – you don’t have to purchase anything unless you want to! There are also consultation tools online if you prefer to do it remotely.

Ask friends to ‘make you over’. If you’ve got some beauty-loving friends, now is the time to call in
a favour. Ask to test out some of their products, so you can sample some fresh eyeshadows, lipsticks or blushers, before you commit to a purchase. Make sure you’re using clean brushes though, to avoid the risk of ‘cross-contamination’.

Order perfume samples. You might have your eye on a designer fragrance like Creed Aventus UK,
or the ultra-chic French Coco Mademoiselle. However, they’re not cheap, and if you find that they
don’t suit you, you’ll have wasted a considerable amount of cash. Order some sample sizes first –
many companies sell 5ml tester bottles, which provides about five to 10 applications. Make sure you know how to make your fragrances last too, to ensure you get the most from them.

Know what you’re comfortable with. There’s no point purchasing an acid yellow eyeliner, if you’re going to feel conspicuous when you wear it. Likewise, if you’re not into the smoky, sultry look,
investing in a black kohl eyeliner and grey eyeshadow palette probably isn’t the best idea. It’s great to
try out new things, but only if you’re sure that you’re ready for the change.

Keep magazine samples. When you’re next browsing through a fashion magazine, keep all the samples that you find inside it. Often, there will be samples for perfumes, moisturisers, and other skincare products. It’s the ideal way to test out products without paying out for a full-sized bottle. Likewise, check to see if your local department store hands out samples. Some are more than happy to offer a tester pack, if it means they’ll make a sale at a later date.